How to Join

We welcome new members year round. Just register for our email newsletter below to see what we have going on, sign up for an activity or two, and we'll see you there! Active members should come to at least three volunteer events a year, and if you really enjoy TIES, there are many ways to take your involvement to the next level.

In addition to our various volunteer opportunities, we hold at least one social event a month.  This gives members, including seasoned New Yorkers, new college graduates, and recent NYC transplants, the ability to mix and mingle with like-minded individuals.  Our social events range from happy hours at key NYC hotspots to summer picnics, karaoke nights, sailing socials, chocolate making classes, group game-watching events, and so much more.  If members have a suggestion for a new social event, or would like to see an old standby repeated, they can feel free to reach out to our Events Team to lend suggestions.

nycTIES has something for everyone, whether you are looking to volunteer, socialize, or both!  The kinship that is established by forming TIES between one another and the NYC community really makes the city seem a whole lot smaller.  Please register at the bottom of this page to join our mailing list, and begin receiving regular updates from TIES.


Get More Involved

As of June 2017, nycTIES has moved to a "Cohort Model".  Cohort members work closely with each other to make key business decisions for the organization.  This is not only a great way to gain practical leadership experience, but also a great way to meet other young professionals all while giving back to the NYC community.

As a member of the Cohort - you will have the opportunity focus on one of these key areas:


Charity Management

Plan and Lead a Volunteer Event

In addition to showing up the day of an event, our own members are the ones working behind the scenes to plan and coordinate volunteer activities with our charity partners. We’re always looking for new ideas and enthusiastic TIES members to help us bring them to life. Here’s what it takes to put on a great nycTIES volunteer event:

  • Brainstorm creative activities that will appeal to fellow TIES members and satisfy the needs of our charity partner

  • Coordinate with the Charity Management Team and the partnering organization to set a date & time and agree on details about what the event will include

  • Loop-in the nycTIES Communications team to recruit volunteers through our newsletter and social media channels

  • Create a schedule for the day of the event (arrival time, setup, activities, wrap-up and departure time) and brief volunteers on their responsibilities

  • Be the first point of contact and answer questions to help ensure that things go smoothly during the event - and have fun!




The Communications team keeps the nycTIES community informed about news, social events, volunteer opportunities and other developments. We also promote TIES and our charity partners across multiple social media platforms. We welcome ace writers, social media enthusiasts, content creator extraordinaires and anyone else who is eager to help us spread the word about nycTIES. Here's a little more about what we do:

  • Promote nycTIES and our activities to members, prospective members. alumni and other audiences

  • Write copy for our newsletter, website and other communication channels

  • Coordinate with the Charity Management and Events teams to communicate news and updates to TIES members

  • Generate buzz and enthusiasm for our organization using social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

  • Build valuable skills in marketing, communications and content development



Member Relations

nycTIES members are the lifeblood of our organization. We're all about building connections with each other and this great city we all call home! On the Member Relations team, you will:

  • Recruit prospective members through networking and outreach

  • Welcome new members to nycTIES

  • Encourage existing members who are interested, to take on a leadership role

  • Engage with alumni to facilitate connections across the organization




Our Events team is responsible for getting the nycTIES community together outside of our volunteer activities for networking, socializing and fundraising events. We love a good happy hour, but we also look for creative new ideas and venues where we can have a great time in the name of a good cause! If you're an event planning enthusiast, have connections to amazing or fun NYC spots, or just love bringing people together to have a good time, this is the team for you! Here's what we do:

  • Brainstorm fresh ideas for activities that will engage nycTIES members

  • Identify venues for networking, socializing and fundraising events

  • Plan monthly activities (set dates & times, handle logistics with host spaces, negotiate budget items when applicable, etc.)

  • Coordinate with the Communications Team to promote events to TIES members

  • Manage activities onsite during events to ensure things go smoothly and a good time is had by all