GO Project

In the summer of 1968, a Grace Church School parent, Elinor Ratner, and a Grace Church parishioner, Cree Harland, were struck by a confluence of need and resources in Manhattan's Lower East Side - the academic challenges faced by the neighborhood's less-fortunate students and the availability of Grace Church School on Saturdays and during the summer. After initial consultations with the school's board and a $3,000 grant from Brooke Astor, the GO Project launched its first program with 15 students and two teachers in donated space at Grace Church School.

The GO Project's mission is to shape the futures of low-income New York City public school children by providing critical academic, social and emotional support starting in the early elementary years. GO provides year-round educational and family support services to children who are performing below grade level and equips them with the confidence and skills needed to succeed at school, at home and in life.

The GO Project’s vision is to ensure that all under-resourced families with children who are significantly struggling in New York City public schools have access to coordinated, comprehensive, and effective supplemental resources so they are able to thrive in school and in life. They achieve this vision through a unique program model, which utilizes the resources of the community--skilled volunteers, partnerships with independent schools, and engagement of our families--to close the achievement gap for students.

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nycTIES Partnership Year: 2011

Focus of Volunteering and Fundraising Efforts: Marketing Strategy and Volunteer Outreach

As nycTIES kicked off this partnership, the GO Project asked for assistance with enhancing their volunteer recruitment capabilities. In response, TIES developed a volunteer sourcing strategy that included the creation of tangible informational materials to distribute to potential volunteers. We also opened up our "Rolodex" and shared contacts at a multitude of organizations for GO to reach out to in order to identify new volunteers. A very talented nycTIES member also produced this 5-minute informational video to be added to their website.


To bring awareness to the organization's mission and vision, nycTIES initiated the creation of an article featuring GO Project in Downtown Express.  Read it HERE!

Throughout 2011, nycTIES members contributed over 390 hours of service in support of the GO Project mission. This included tutoring children, initiating 2 financial skills workshops, bringing a teacher in to advise GO parents on new study skills for their children, and much more. Our members initiated the first ever NBA FIT clinic for GO Project participants with former WNBA and NBA players, Sue Wicks and Marty Conlon, and donated 12 basketballs! 

Fundraising Event: nycTIES members gathered at Studio XXI and danced the night away at our Annual Gala. Proceeds and efforts went directly to support the GO Project mission so their students could be tutored beyond the 5th Grade.


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