Covenant House

Covenant House began over 40 years ago when six young runaways were given shelter from a snowstorm in the lower east side of Manhattan. Today there are 21 Covenant House locations in the USA, Canada and Latin Americas serving more than 56,000 homeless young people each year. They are the nation’s largest privately funded agency serving homeless, runaway and at-risk youth with doors open 24 hours a day for youth in need.

Each and every young person who finds his or her way to us is lovingly welcomed into Covenant House.  Of course, the young people are affected by a range of challenges contributing to their respective homelessness. While there is not a typical Covenant House kid, most are between the ages of 16 and 21 and they do see the presence of common, recurring risk factors such as family disputes, unemployment, teen pregnancy, mental health symptoms, gang involvement, and substance abuse. Indeed, most of their young people have experienced some degree of trauma in their lives.

The mission of Covenant House, or their "North Star," is to inspire homeless and at risk young people to move to safe, stable, and loving places where they can continue to live out their life dreams.  In short, we strive to help each young person find “safe places” in their lives.

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nycTIES Partnership Year: 2014

Focus of Volunteering Efforts: Job Retention Workshop; AKA Covenant Convos

Throughout 2014, nycTES members led 22 events and contributed more than 200 hours of work! From the Yoga Rave, to the Basketball Skills Challenge, to the Shake Shack Career Panel, our events were varied and very well received. However, the Charity Management Team’s largest accomplishment was the recurring Job Retention Workshop we coined “Covenant Convos”. The team under Catherine Soler, with the help of dedicated volunteers, turned our portion of the program into an engaging year-round networking series.

Fundraising Events: Kareoke, Zumba and The nycTIES Annual Gala at Slate NYC

Throughout 2014, nycTIES members came together on various occasions to celebrate our success, and to raise money for Covenant House. We hosted our first-ever Karaoke Fundraiser at Iggy's on the Upper East Side where members belted out their favorite tunes, and even held a heart-pumping Zumba class in support of Covenant House. On November 4th, members and alumni joined together at SlateNYC for our Annual Gala. With an array of fantastic silent auction items, table games for some friendly competition, and a photobooth by the amazing Self Portrait Project, the night went off without a hitch! See more photos HERE.

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