nycTIES 2017/2018 Cohort


Recruitment/Member Relations

jenna dowd pic (1).jpg

Jenna Dowd

Occupation: Global Brand Management

About Jenna...

- Passionate about travel & new experiences

- Enjoy adventure and cheese tasting at the grocery store

- Has taught English on 3 continents


Ania Pierre Louis

Occupation: Haitian-Creole Interpreter

About Ania...

- Loves drinking wine

- Enjoys reading and listening to music

-Aspiring entrepreuneur



Shankar Jonnagadla

Occupation: Investment Analyst

About Shankar...

- Likes to explore new restaurants

- Passionate about sports (basketball, football, tennis)

- Is an avid reader


Katherine Prizeman

Occupation: Political Affairs

About Katherine...

- Proud auntie to 3 nieces/2 nephews

- Plays clarinet

- Is a Spanish/French speaker

Charity Management

Bereford (2).png

Nia Bedford

Occupation: High School College Advisor

About Nia...

- Enjoys going out to eat

- Loves roller coasters and watching TV/movies/award shows


Alyssa Lipshultz

Occupation: Analyst (Economic Consulting)

About Alyssa..

- Loves the beach, hiking, sports (though she dislikes running!)

 - Enjoys board games, eating adventures, and shows

Fundraising/Business Development


Garni Gharekhanian

About Garni...

- Likes photography and reading 

- Enjoys to run and cycle

Brennan (1).jpg

Laura Brennan

Occupation: Social Studies Teacher

About Laura...

- Has been to 40 states

- Loves to travel abroad

- Will try watching any tv show